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Stylin' Saturday: Florida Fall

As much as we focus on fitness and health, I believe it is just as important (and fun) to focus on feeling good about yourself when it comes to style. Style is something that us moms tend to put to the side when it comes to ourselves, and our children not so much! Dressing our babes is a great and fulfilling part of being a mama, but completely forgetting about ourselves is not the only option we have.

After having my daughter, I struggled with my wardrobe and at times felt guilty when I would go or want to go shopping for myself. Two kids later, and it's something I have learned I don't ever need to feel guilty about. Taking care of ourselves comes in many different forms, and I believe one of them is incorporating our personal style!

Now, don't misunderstand me! I am not suggesting you come up with this elaborate, over the top, super expensive wardrobe. I mean let's be realistic: we are moms! Our days consist of spit up, blow outs, and messes of all kinds. We are running around chasing little people. Practicality is key in this stage of motherhood!

And let's just talk about Fall in Florida. It's a strange time for the weather. It's hard to find something that says "Fall", and "I live in Florida" simultaneously.

Today my family and I spent the day downtown, and I knew the weather would be a mix of windy, overcast, and a few sun bursts here and there.

The outfit I put together was easy and comfortable. My sweater was quarter sleeve and breathable. Overalls were easy to move in. Sandals always a must.

And can we just take a moment and discuss how overalls are in style again?! #allthepraisehands

Where are my items from?

  • sweater: express (50% off at outlets!)
  • overalls: Charlotte Russe
  • Sandals: Marshals clearance