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Feature Friday: Lauren Burks

Feature Friday: Lauren Burks

Lauren Burks is a St. Augustine mother of two, son age 4 and daughter age 5. She runs her own business, Braid Bar where she does custom Boho style braids for weddings, photo shoots, birthday parties and other special events. Along with Braid Bar, she run her own skin care business, home schools her two children and volunteers with her local church. We sat down with Lauren to talk about being a mom, business woman, home school teacher and being a local St. Augustine resident.

What inspired you to start your own business? :

I was in corporate America for several years. I did well and I liked it but I didn’t love working for someone else. I have always looked for a way to create my own business. Braid Bar was a happy accident. I braided friend’s for her wedding and the photos were got published in Green Wedding Shoes. After the photos came out that week I was asked to do hair for 5 weddings. That’s when I decided to get my license.

Do you find it hard to balance your business and being a mom?

Yes! The hardest part is making peace and living joy when you feel like a ping pong ball. I look for joy in the moments when being a business woman and a mom gets frustrating. It is all worth it. For example, this morning I’m playing Uno with my son at 9am. Not very many working moms can do that.

Are you children homeschooled or do they go to Public/Private School:

I’m homeschooling both children. I do 5 days a week or homeschooling for my daughter other 3 days a week for my son. My son also goes to preschool two days a week. I enjoy it and we are taking it year by year.

Do you have help from your husband, family and/or friends?

I’m not alone. Just this week I was so busy that my husband had to make dinner every night. He has not made dinner in almost 8 years. He was amazing and stepped up. The meals were not a four course meal but they were edible, had a protein and had vegetable which is all I can ask for. I have an amazing church community too. They support my businesses and my family. It’s important to have a village and a group of moms to surround yourself with.

Where is your favorite local place to go with your family?

We love to go out to eat. One of our favorite places is Neds. It’s very family friendly. They have a homemade mac n cheese that my kids can split and it’s homemade and fresh. My daughter loves their fish and grits. We also like to go to the Cold Cow. You could really make a night of it, go to Ned’s for dinner and then go down the street to Cold Cow for dessert.

What is one piece of advice you would give a mom running her own business?

There will be days that you feel like you can conquer the world and there will be days when you feel like a failure. It’s normal. Don’t let those feelings overwhelm you. For me, it’s remembering that my job and my kids and my life are all a gift from God. I approach all of it with a grateful.