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Mama of the Month: JUNE

This month we celebrate one special mama! Beth joined us early on in her postpartum journey. She is someone who easily came in and showed us all how working out with a little one is truly possible! Beth is one sweet lady who is easy to talk to and relate with. We love having you in our village, Beth!

Here's a bit about Beth!

Name and Age: Beth Olson, 32

Your Little One's Name and Age: William Olson, 6 months

What are some of your favorite things about being a mom? " I love snuggling with Will, making him smile and laugh, breastfeeding (something I never though I'd say with how difficult it was in the beginning), and seeing him learn new things. I also love staying home with him which is a blessing I didn't think would be possible."

Tell us a few things about yourself! "I am a physical therapist and am currently working very part time teaching classes at the University of St. Augustine where I graduated from in 2011. I am married to Bryan who I met while in school and he is also a physical therapist. We both have always enjoyed working out, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends."

I couldn't survive motherhood without... "I couldn't survive motherhood without my husband and friends. The 4th trimester was a huge struggle emotionally and the support from Bryan and my friends got me through the tough days! Also, Fit4Mom has been a huge blessing. As soon as I was able to start going when Will was 8 weeks old I started feeling so much better!! Sunshine, exercise, and socialization changes everything!"

What gives you motivation to workout? "My motivation to work out is my emotional well being and I love feeling fit and strong. Our little William gets to watch him mommy and daddy work out everyday and we are sure that he will doing planks by the time he's 1."

What's your favorite thing about living in St. Augustine? "My favorite thing about living in St. Augustine is the community. We attend Good News Church and through that and many other groups we feel so at home here even though we don't have any family here."